All of my life I have been fascinated with hotels. As a kid I collected everything I could lay my hand on regarding to hotels: brochures, newspapers snippets, travel magazines and guides. Other kids were reading comics, I was most happy with my Michelin guide. When in another city or country I would contact hotels to say “I love hotels, can I see your place?” I hardly never got turned down and even got some newspaper articles written about me.

With the introduction of the internet a wealth of information became available. And maybe best of all: I could get rid of tons of paper – all the brochures, magazines and books I collected. Plus I could gather the information collected in a more organized matter. Very me – being a Virgo and quite a minimalist.

Needless to say I opted for a career in hospitality. Instead of going to a hotel school, I enrolled in marketing communications – the area I was most interested in. After my studies I ended up by chance in the area of social housing. That may seem a long way from where I was heading, however basically it is also providing a roof to sleep under.

The love for hotels never was any less. I still would surf the internet for the latest places to stay (by then the “design hotel” was introduced and later the “boutique hotel”) and to see what was happening in the hospitality business, like new brands being introduced.

After some years I decided to use the information gathered to serve others (that Virgo thing again) after being introduced to affiliate marketing. Meaning I could even make a buck out of it referring clients to travel websites. stylehotelsweb, which focused on design hotels, was launched. A bit later charmhotelsweb followed showcasing small, usually family-owned hotels, guest houses and b&b’s. stylehotelsweb is now DNA Hotels focusing not so much on design hotels, but more on authentic, soulful and individual hotels. The name DNA Hotels came to me after reading an interview with Tom Ford saying “fashion was in his DNA”. Certainly hotels are in mine.

The way the OTA’s (online travel agent, like Booking.com or Expedia) where using affiliate marketing to attract customers through third party websites, blogs and portals got me thinking that individual hotels and smaller chains could also benefit from affiliate marketing. By introducing Affiliotel I offer the expertise and volume only the big players in the market could previously use.

A logical next step is http://www.bookhotels.direct. Currently in development, the platform aims to disrupt the OTA domination in the travel booking market. By referring clients directly to the hotel’s own website to book we cut costs  and therefore charge lower commissions than the OTA’s. Plus hotels have the advantages of direct booking: a direct customer relationship and (brand) image. For customers it means not having to worry about the best price – this is guaranteed.

I hope you find (travel) inspiration with this blog and through my social media. Any hotel you see here can be booked online through me (click here). I earn a commission on every booking – so highly appreciated. For you there are NO extra costs. Need a tailor-made advice? I am most happy to help – contact me through the form below. Tell me a little about you and what you like.


Bon voyage!

Chiel Nobels